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Air Handling

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Edmonds Vent A Room is an ideal solution for improving comfort in your living space. The combined performance of an Edmonds SupaVent, ceiling grille and ducting can help improve the air quality within your home. The system works by exhausting hot air directly from inside your home in summer and excess moisture in winter.

Edmonds Cathedral Roof Ventilation System is the ideal solution to the problem of heat build up under raked ceilings. The system combines the benefits of an Edmonds Turbobeam vent and a ceiling grille. It works by removing the hot air from inside your home in summer, excess moisture in winter.

Edmonds Bathroom Ventilation System is an ideal way to remove moisture laden air and smells from bathrooms and laundries. The kit consists of a TurboVentura wind driven roof vent coupled with a controllable ceiling grille and ducting. The system works by drawing moist, stale air through the ceiling mounted grille.

Edmonds AirXchanger incorporates a powerful in-line motor that can move 325m3/h of air. In addition the AirXchanger is also very effective for the removal of moisture or steam laden air from bathrooms. It allows the direct expulsion if this air to the atmosphere, eliminating steam build up in the roof space that can occur with traditional bathroom extraction fans.

Edmonds Steamaway. A ceiling mounted radial fan with 100mm oulet to enable removal of steam and odours direct to atmosphere, as required by the BCA (ducting not included).

Edmonds Ecofan A three speed powered sub-floor vent that removes stale, damp air from beneath your house. ecoFAN can be installed in the sub-floor brickwork or wall and replacement air holes placed into the opposite wall. The ecoFAN will exhaust air from the sub floor while replacement air will enter from the breather holes causing a cross flow ventilation pattern. The fan is set to exhaust mode, but the fan and motor housing can be simply reversed to allow new ecoFAN to convert to an air inlet ventilator.

Edmonds Sewer Vent. 150mm wind driven turbine ventilator. The Sewer Vent incorporates stainless steel bearings & aluminium shaft to withstand the impact of noxious airstreams from sewers, pits and drains.

Edmonds GP Vent Wind driven vehicle vent for use on trailers, utes, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, vans, and many other places. The Vehicle Vent is made from impact resistant polymer and is easy to install on a wide range of vehicles.

Edmonds Whirlymate 305mm x 305mm square controllable ceiling grille. The Whirly Mate allows controllable ventilation of the air within living areas. In summer the unit can be opened to allow ventilation and in winter it can be closed to retain warmth. (Roof Ventilator not included).

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